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How to set efficient limits in a kind and positive atmosphere

From the ebook "How to survive 14 days in isolation"

You have just seen how the new daily routine will be a great support in running a smooth everyday life. Still you will have to set clear limits and golden rules to live in a kind and peaceful atmosphere. Previously you may have just held your breath or grit your teeth thinking “they are so annoying but never mind, tomorrow they will be at school and they will let me off the hook!” Now, this is not possible. You will be together tomorrow, and the day after. Then you have to take into account your child’s needs, and set limits to respect your own needs.

If you agreed on the daily routine, then you expect them to abide by it, to work when they have to, to be on time for lunch, etc.

Set clear objectives as “I want to be left alone 20min when I have my coffee, no questions, no interrupting, I really need this time for me to feel relaxed and have energy for the rest of the day”. You can even use practical tools with younger ones as a smiley face poster when you are working but they can interrupt you, and a quiet face poster when they have to wait, for example if you are on the phone.

It would be a pity to be screaming at them, and it will not be efficient. You need to say ‘No’ or ‘Stop’, you are the parent, it is your role to set limits. Nevertheless, shouting will just make you feel disappointed, more cross or even sad and depressed… And you can't get out for a walk…

So today is a time to set efficient limits in a kind and positive atmosphere to benefit everyone. This may be a big change in your behavior but your children will very soon see the benefits of a happier and more relaxed mum who then is more keen to play with them, to listen, to support and love!

(to be continued)

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