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Let love radiate !

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Do you dream of finding a right balance between all your commitments: being a wife, a mother, a reliable professional, offering voluntary work?


Do you dream of a day when you no longer shout at your children and

daily life is rooted in gentleness?

Do you want to parent without resorting to violence of any sort?

Would you be interested in solutions that help you deal with emotions: anger, jealousy, fear, sadness, excitement...?

Are you fed up with being frustrated or discouraged at the end of the day?

Are you bent on giving your children the best of yourself, with your talents and your weaknesses?


At Radiance we make a promise to transform your vision of life in a manner that:

  • Makes you will feel at peace everyday

  • Allows you unveil and discover the inner you, your strengths and weaknesses, and understand what really counts for you

  • Supports you in creating the home full of kindness and a home that corresponds to your true nature

  • Walk along you so each one, parents and children, can truly become who they were born to be and blossom in their mission

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Support - Show empathy - Love

Carefree Woman


Radiance is a talented and skilled Personal Development Consultant who helps you understand what really counts for you and organise your personal and professional priorities. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses, unveil the inner you and be equiped to create the home that corresponds to your true nature.

Act on your convictions - Be comfortable with your choices - Feel lighter everyday

Mother and Son


Radiance life experience dives into your challenges. Packed with practical tips and useful skills, you will gain a positive mindset, a desire to put your knowledge to action and you will see your children blossom.

Educate - Listen - Love

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Let Radiance help you build relationships based on trust and service. Love is not a question of perfection, it is a desire of communion. You will learn to be creative, to dare to say sorry, to see your loved one as your best ally.

Be generous - Use humour - Forgive

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Radiance approach is fantastic!
I went back home feeling lighter... and I am looking forward to the next session each time. So beneficial, a big thank you!


I love Radiance classes. Such a nice atmosphere, not so official, and practical examples from real life! It really helped me to deal with siblings relations.


I've looked everywhere to find an efficient method to stop shouting at my children every morning. Now I am much more equiped.
A true inspiration.


Joining Radiance class was a very positive experience. I experienced a sincere support with my new choice of working part-time, and great tools to improve quality time in my family.


Work + children + home + spouse, always smiling when dealing with everything! We are taught by someone who lives what she shares with us. Very inspiring!
Thank you for all the great tools and tips.


Radiance class are a very special place. The small groups allow kind and positive exchanges. No judgement, I felt at ease to share my challenges as I know gossip is prohibited during and after the class!


Just thank you. Now I have a more efficient way to set limits and to end meal time ordeal. Day 1 after the class I said eight times to stop throwing the food away. Day 2: two times in a whole day. Day 3: one unique time! Huge progress obtained so easily!!! I needed your input, thanks a million!


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Women Guidance

  • Radiance Group Sessions
    Radiance Group Sessions
    To be agreed together
    Possibly at your place
    To be agreed together
    Possibly at your place
    You are a mother and you feel overwhelmed by everyday life, You know the "good educational practices" and yet you face struggles, You want to find joy and learn how to solve resentment, self-criticism and discouragement, Build a group in which you feel comfortable and let's start the journey!
  • One-to-one Life-guide session (French or English)
    One-to-one Life-guide session (French or English)
    To be agreed together
    Possibly at your place or London W9
    To be agreed together
    Possibly at your place or London W9
    Free initial contact to discuss if Radiance is the best guide to support you.
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What strikes me about Caroline is her calm and her smile in all situations. Her approach is caring, thoughtful, it comes from live experience, it is not an out of reach theory. Caroline is calm and she is an enthusiastic booster!  She is great! Her approach makes you want to follow her and do the same.


I admire her effectiveness while remaining generous and kind, and the ability to pay attention to her children while there are 1000 things going on around… In short, I suspect her to have several brains with one big heart!


What touches me the most with Caroline is her ability to speak the truth.


Caroline is always “right on the mark” ;-)! So kind and comforting, she doesn’t make you feel guilty. She encourages us to go forward and give the best of us!


Caroline helps me not to be discouraged. She invites me to be patient, with myself and with the children. She invites to gain height.


Caroline does not judge. She is a mindset booster with always positive sentences and optimism! In short she is a ray of sunshine!


I love Caroline: 1/ her JOY in everything 2/ the special care she has for each of her children, using their own language of love 3/ her unconditional love towards her children truly loving them the way they are 4/ the loving gaze she has on her husband letting him be himself


I admire Caroline, her calm, her joy of life, always smiling and full of hope. I am impressed that she was able to write 2 books while having her children H24 during lockdown!


Caroline is simple, straight to the point, non-judgmental.


Thank you for your valuable advice. Reading Radiance sets things right.


Caroline doesn’t teach a lesson and recognizes that you don’t always succeed…it’s different from other coaches. She doesn’t make parents feel guilty and she helps to find constructive and effective solutions. She makes things simple and clear. She brings a message of encouragement and affection.


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