Caroline Moulinet founded Radiance Partners Ltd to offer her professional experience as scientific adviser in the healthcare / biotech / medtech  sector

and to spread her engagement towards women.

Caroline combines infectious enthusiasm and a deep commitment to her missions 

with exceptional organisation and efficiency.

Image by Jude Beck


Dedication - Dynamism - Perspective

Caroline is an experienced manager and an enthusiastic senior scientific adviser offering a global overview of the Healthcare / Biotech / Medtech sector.

She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry / Biochemitry, Pharmacy / Cosmetics and Engineering from CPE Lyon and further trained in Good Laboratory, Clinical and Manufacturing Practices (GMP, GLC, GCP).

She worked for 13 years in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry including Merck and Yves Rocher.

Her current clients are:


  • French biotech company focused on fighting against the overproduction of cytokines and developing therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of autoimmune, inflammatory diseases, allergies and cancer

  • Pharmaceutical company developing drug delivery technology and researching achievements in controlled release of treatments and long-acting medicines

  • European € multimillion life science company developing proprietary technology for effective subcutaneous and local injectables

  • Independent corporate advisory company providing corporate and private equity clients in heathcare sector with strategic, financial and tactical advice, identifying & executing on M&A and build-up transactions, and helping to manage stakeholders expectations with modelling and equity story.

  • Medtech combining neuro-ophthalmology and AI to restore the vision of blind patients​

  • English data analysis company using artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning to quickly deliver trusted and reliable patent benchmark



Kindness - Empathy - Love

Married and a mother of four (in the span of four years!), Caroline knows that life can be challenging. However she experiences that being a mother is a unique way to deeply understand her history and radiate love.

Her company name Radiance is a wink to her scientific background - it is a measure of light - and it is a message for all women:

"You are this little light in your homes,

this light to which the family likes to find comfort...

and a light that sometimes needs a little more oxygen to shine."

She uses her professional expertise and her motherhood experience to offer a unique approach to parenting that adopts personal development to employing parenting tips and tools. You will be refilled with energy and enthusiasm to be the mother you dream of! Not a perfect one, but your true self!

Caroline aims to empower all mothers so that each day counts. Children allow their mother to shed light on their nooks, to discover who they deeply are. This is a unique opportunity!


Agreeing to move forward in this way allows each family member to fully become the person they were born to be.


Caroline strives to share actionable content and to inspire women in an authentic way that leaves them ready to conquer their goals, address their challenges and enjoy life.

To support this activity, Caroline uses her passion for writing:

Caroline is an author

Caroline is a freelance journalist for Aleteia FR

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