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New book to be published by Mame - Fleurus in spring 2023!

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Mothers, you are the small flame that warms the heart of your household. Children need their mother in order to grow and flourish. However it is not always easy to experience peaceful and joyous days. Sometimes the tantrums, the disputes, the discouragement and frustration take their toll on the laughter, the discussions, the sharing and the unity. This is completely human…. However certain aspects can be changed in order to simplify your daily life, to preserve the relationship that you enjoy with your children, and to bring more serenity and joy to your everyday.


This guide will give you some keys to assist you along your path and to help you to give the best of yourself to your children. You will see how to support your children during the storm of their emotions which will allow you all to develop an easier and deeper way of communication; you will discover how the authority which you employ will allow your children to be sure of your unconditional love; you will learn to modify your personal outlook to reduce the feelings of discouragement and frustration and hence find the joy in each day.


It may be that these ideas give you a renewed momentum for a happy and calm family life. You are on route, this guide will be a stopping place for you to put things in perspective and set off again on the right foot.



Mums' reviews


Great! I lent it out and I just got it back. I’m absolutely excited! It is clever, lucid, practical, well written and showing a depth of feelings and an extraordinary psychological reflection. I enjoyed it a lot! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

@missCarolineMoulinet, I loved your book “Pause, and change your perspective”… full of tips to apply. Thank you very much! I recommend to all mums.

Very nice and useful text. I recommend.

Really great! I especially liked the concrete examples you give and your own testimony. It was meaningful!

I really like your approach: give moms the tools to change their daily lives, calm their family life. Congrats! The dynamic of the questions invites you to start your own journey, it’s great!


Instead of punishment I see the importance of reparation that goes beyond forgiveness and also allows the child to grow up. To repair is to offer the opportunity for a second chance.

Carry on, you’re doing an awesome job. The format is really good: in our overloaded lives, a short guide that we read from A to Z seems much more efficient to me than longer books, it enables us to us to deepen one dimension or the other!

I’ve just finished your book! It’s great! Between a coaching book and a feel good book. Thank you for sharing your kindness and your positive spirit, it really feels good! I have kept and even already applied some advice.


I read your book on the evening of December 31st Caroline, thank you, it was a very good beginning of the year. I am relax and happy thanks to you, congrats!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I just finished “Pause, and change your perspective”, thanks for this gold bar.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pause, and change your perspective

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