How to survive 14 days in isolation - The guide for a happy family

How to survive 14 days in isolation - The guide for a happy family

My children will drive me nuts!
My partner will drive me crazy!
How will I work from home while being with four persons in such a small space, doing home schooling and dealing with house duties?
How can I be happy in such a dull atmosphere where people are scared and suspicious?

Some of us may have already figured out an optimal strategy with which to make it through the stay at home period. If you are one of such people, these guidelines may serve as a bouncing board with which you may wish to compare notes.

Some of us may still be unsure of how we will make it through the period and are yet to figure out a coping method for the period. If this is you, then this book will offer you very helpful tools to consider.

Whichever group you belong to, this guide will also help you discover your inner self, your true values and your motivations.

In this book, you will find key advice on 3 key topics to help you thrive under isolation:
1-your new routine combining family and work,
2-your children and how to find the right balance for everyone,
3-your spouse and how to make love grow.

Don’t fear, you can do it!
You, your partner and your children will always remember this unique experience, make your best to make it count.



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    I’ll keep your ebook at my bedside table as a bible. It’ll keep me calm.



    Loved your book!!! You are an inspiration...



    Must read - great help to all parents. This book definitely helped me get through the lockdown with three boys and a husband. I will read it over again.



    Very refreshing and optimistic, great book, easy to read and way more profound that it may look at first sight. A must read.



    Excellent guide en cette période troublante et stressante, bravo!!



    Super, félicitations ! Bien utile en ce moment !!



    Tu as pensé à nous en l’écrivant car mes enfants drive me nuts !!! Merci !!