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Each day counts. I want you to find true joy everyday.

I have a Master's Degree in Biochemistry and I work in the healthcare sector (mainly cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry). I am French and I moved in London with my husband in 2011. We have four amazing children in a four years gap!

I have learnt so much being a mother, understanding so many things about myself, it is such a gift to have children

that I want to share all my experience with you hoping it will benefit you to create a renewed quality of life

and to enable you to live peaceful and joyful relationships.

In November 2019, I have created Radiance. The name Radiance is a wink to my scientific background - it is a measure of light - and it is a message for all women:

You are this little light in your homes, this light to which the family likes to find comfort...

and a light that sometimes needs a little more oxygen to shine.


I use my professional expertise and my motherhood experience to offer a unique approach to parenting that adopts personal development to employing parenting tips and tools. You will be refilled with energy and enthusiasm to be the mother you dream of! Not a perfect one, but your true self!

I aim to empower all mothers so that each day counts. Our children allow us to shed light on our nooks, to discover who we are deeply. This is a unique opportunity! Agreeing to move forward in this way allows each family member to become fully the person they were born to be. I strive to share with you actionable contents and to inspire you in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals and address your challenges.

Beyond successes, weaknesses and challenges, beyond achievements, sadness or tears,

I take you with me on a journey to find inner peace and true joy every day.

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What strikes me about Caroline is her calm and her smile in all situations. Her approach is caring, thoughtful, it comes from live experience, it is not an out of reach theory. Caroline is calm and she is an enthusiastic booster!  She is great! Her approach makes you want to follow her and do the same.


I admire her effectiveness while remaining generous and kind, and the ability to pay attention to her children while there are 1000 things going on around… In short, I suspect her to have several brains with one big heart!


What touches me the most with Caroline is her ability to speak the truth.


Caroline is always “right on the mark” ;-)! So kind and comforting, she doesn’t make you feel guilty. She encourages us to go forward and give the best of us!


Caroline helps me not to be discouraged. She invites me to be patient, with myself and with the children. She invites to gain height.


Caroline does not judge. She is a mindset booster with always positive sentences and optimism! In short she is a ray of sunshine!


I love Caroline: 1/ her JOY in everything 2/ the special care she has for each of her children, using their own language of love 3/ her unconditional love towards her children truly loving them the way they are 4/ the loving gaze she has on her husband letting him be himself


I admire Caroline, her calm, her joy of life, always smiling and full of hope. I am impressed that she was able to write 2 books while having her children H24 during lockdown!


Caroline is simple, straight to the point, non-judgmental.


Thank you for your valuable advice. Reading Radiance sets things right.


Caroline doesn’t teach a lesson and recognizes that you don’t always succeed…it’s different from other coaches. She doesn’t make parents feel guilty and she helps to find constructive and effective solutions. She makes things simple and clear. She brings a message of encouragement and affection.


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I really like the style which is both profound and accessible, rooted in reality but which allows one to rise and hope! It is very beautiful.

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